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I'm currently at Swift Navigation, a GPS hardware startup in San Francisco, CA aiming to make low cost, high accuracy positioning hardware ubiquitous and easy to use. I'm broadly interested in useful, cross-disciplinary applications of computer science, particularly where there are opportunities for learning new techniques in information retrieval and functional programming.

I previously wrote Clojure for a small scientific software engineering team building agricultural yield models at the Climate Corporation, and still help organize the SF Clojure Meetup. Prior to that, I received SBs (Physics, 2009; EECS, 2011) and an MEng (EECS, 2011) from MIT, created algorithms and software for emerging platforms at Discovery Engine, Apple, and Raytheon BBN Technologies. And prior to that (in a previous life), I designed protocols and built optical sources for quantum communication at the MIT Research Lab for Electronics, and was the technical director of an artificial vision-based robotics contest.

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If you're interested in self-hosting a static webpage, you can read about the details here. The layout itself is based entirely on Tom Preston-Warner's homepage.