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Academic Projects of Yesteryear

These are project papers from classes and publications (in reverse-chronological order) that I occasionally still refer to, and were previously hosted on my MIT webpage. I'm no longer on a research track (or a student for that matter), so these will become less relevent over time. Email me if you have questions.

Projects (Academic)

CMOS Inverter Dynamics: Designing for Propagation Delay and Power [pdf]
6.012 Microelectronic Devices and Circuits (Fall 2010)

Polarization Entanglement Storage in Ensemble-Based Atomic Memories [proposal/pdf, thesis/pdf]
6.UAP/6.ThM Master of Engineering Program Thesis (Spring 2010)

Tutorial Notes (with Bill Herrington) [pdf]
6.007 Applied Electromagnetics (Fall 2009)

Generation of Fiber-Coupled, Nondegenerate, Polarization Entangled Photons for Quantum Communication [proposal/pdf, thesis/pdf]
8.THU Undergraduate Thesis in Physics (Spring 2009)

Modeling Graphene Band Structure (with Dodd Gray, Adam McCaughan) [pdf]
6.730 Physics for Solid State Applications (Spring 2009)

Density Operators in Quantum Continuous Feedback Control [pdf]
6.453 Quantum Optical Communications (Fall 2008)

Distributed Problems in Quantum Communication [pdf]
6.896 Quantum Complexity Theory (Fall 2008)

2-Axis, Stepper Motor Plotter [proposal/code/pdf]
6.115 Microcomputer Project Laboratory (Spring 2008)

NMR Implementation of Deutsch-Jozsa and Grover Algorithms [paper/pdf, pres/pdf]
D1 Optical Pumping of Rubidium Isotopes 87Rb and 85Rb [paper/pdf, pres/pdf]
D2 Hyperfine Structure of Rubidium Isotopes 87Rb and 85Rb [paper/pdf, pres/pdf]
Mossbauer Effect in 57Fe at 14keV [paper/pdf, pres/pdf]
8.14 Experimental Physics II (Spring 2008)

Optical Spectroscopy of Hydrogen-like Atoms [paper/pdf, pres/pdf, final]
Johnson Noise and Shot Noise Determinations of kB, T0, and e [paper/pdf, pres/pdf]
Pulse Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Study of 1H and 19F [paper/pdf, pres/pdf]
Verification of the Compton Wavelength and the Klein-Nishina Cross-Section [paper/pdf, pres/pdf]
8.13 Experimental Physics I (Fall 2007)


Polarization Entanglement Distribution in Ensemble-Based Atomic Memories [pdf]
B. Mookerji, J. H. Shapiro
Draft revision in-progress (2012)

Direct Observation of Coherent Population Trapping in a Superconducting Artificial Atom [link]
W. R. Kelly, Z. Dutton, J. Schlafer, B. Mookerji, T. A. Ohki, J. S. Kline, D. P. Pappas
Phys. Rev. Lett. 104, 163601 (2010)

The Optical Constants of Gallium-stabilized δ-Plutonium Metal Between 0.7 and 4.3 eV
B. Mookerji, M. Stratman, M. Wall and W. J. Siekhaus [link]
Journal of Alloys and Compounds, Volumes 444-445, 11 October 2007, Pages 339-341.

Heteroleptic sulfur-rich group 12 metal complexes.
L.A. Philson, B. Mookherji, and D. Rabinovich
Proceedings of the 229th Meeting of the American Chemical Society, March 13-17, 2005.

Manganese(I) poly(mercaptoimidazolyl)borate complexes: spectroscopic and structural characterization of Mn-H-B interactions in solution and in the solid state. [link]
L. A. Graham, A. R. Fout, K. R. Kuehne, J. L. White, B. Mookherji, F. M. Marks, G. P. A. Yap, L. N. Zakharov, A. L. Rheingold, and D. Rabinovich
Dalton Trans., 2005, 171–180.